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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Squashing Manliness in America

Okay, ladies: Imagine you're walking through Manhattan. [Guys, hear me out. Your part is coming up.] Cars are whizzing by, people rush in every direction, and you're in your own little world as you walk down the street. You're now standing on a corner, and turn to look down the road to see if a car is coming before you finish crossing the street. You suddenly hear the sound of a car coming closer and closer behind you. A guy (who happens to be an attractive movie star) appears out of nowhere, and pushes you to the side as a taxi screams past you, just narrowly being saved from a nasty accident. You're a bit bruised, but alive. Whew!

Now answer this: How would you react?

A) Shrug it off and walk away with a quick "thanks"

B) Get mad at the guy for making you look like a damsel in distress

C) Profusely thank the guy for saving you from a messy accident

Easy, right? A guy saves you from being hit by a car. The least you could do is thank him! But that's not the case for a woman named Laurie Penny who was recently saved from a car hit by actor Ryan Gosling in Manhattan. She says:

“I really do object to being framed as the ditzy damsel in distress in this story,” she wrote. “I do not mean any disrespect to Ryan Gosling, who is an excellent actor and, by all accounts, a personable and decent chap. . . . But as a feminist, a writer, and a gentlewoman of fortune, I refuse to be cast in any sort of boring supporting female role.”

A guy saves you from a potentially life-threatening situation, and you get mad at him for making you look like a "ditzy damsel in distress" and giving you a "boring supporting female role"? Wow. I wonder what she'd say if he just walked on by as watched her get hit..... 

Sadly, though, this is not a new concept. In the last 100 years or so, women have gone from stay-at-home moms vacuuming in pantyhose to belly-button-bearing women on contraception who can't bear the thought of a males taking away their right to do what she wants when she wants. 

Many women find it insulting when a man takes it upon himself to actually do something manly [ie. slay the dragon, save from car accident, open door, carry heavy box]. Why? Because women think it means men are better than women. They'd rather men impress them by walking around shirtless showing off their six-packs than actually rolling up their sleeves and performing some manly act of valor. 

Now, what does this do to you guys? It makes you step back. You don't take opportunities to do manly things because women aren't thankful. Lift a heavy box? "I CAN DO THAT MYSELF, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!" Open a door for a girl? She just walks right through and ignores you. 

But let me tell you this: some people do still care. Women with at least an ounce of class would thank you for opening a door or lifting a box, not to mention if you save us from being hit by a car. 

Do not stop being a gentleman just because society tells you it's not cool. The right girls will appreciate it when you open the door for them! Men were made to fight for and protect ladies and children. Never give up because some wacko thinks you're degrading her by helping her. You were made for more than watching football and letting women take over the world. Stand up for your dignity as a man, and don't let women take that away from you.

Ladies: Let guys be guys. Seriously. If a guy opens a door for you, say "Thank You". If he offers to lift a box or do something else nice, let him do it. Stop trying to squash his manliness. Letting guys do these things does NOT mean you are a damsel in distress, or that you are not equal to men. It means you care enough to let guys be themselves. They were made to love and protect you, and YOU need to respect that. Stop trying to take over the world, and let guys take the lead....sometimes :-)

Never, ever, stop standing up for your dignity as a man or as a woman. We're equal, but have different roles in society. Accept it, and own it. Men, be gentlemen, and ladies: performing various acts of chivalry is WAY more impressive than any six-pack. Keep that in mind next time some movie star saves you from a speeding taxi in NYC.

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Sunday, April 08, 2012

He Did Not Die in Vain


Jesus suffered through the horror of Good Friday, and died a tragic death on the cross for us. Can you imagine if that was the end of the story though? If it was, that would be kind of anti-climactic. I mean really? Jesus comes to save us all, spreads the good news, is persecuted, and then dies. Bam. That's one way to end a story. 

But Jesus is a better story maker than that, and rose from the dead today demonstrating that He is greater than any evil the world could possibly inflict upon His human body. He rose from a terrible and gruesome death, showing us that good always wins. Light drives out darkness, and good triumphs over evil. Alleluia!

"How blessed is this day, when earth and heaven are joined and humankind is reconciled to God!
May the light of Jesus shine continually to drive away all darkness. 
May Christ, the Morning Star who knows no setting, find his light ever burning in our hearts—he who gives his light to all creation, and who lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen."

Adapted from the Book of Common Prayer

Have a wonderful day celebrating Jesus Resurrection and triumph over evil with your family and friends!!


Friday, April 06, 2012

We Are Spectators of The Cross

On this Good Friday, take time to think about the immeasurable sacrifice Jesus Christ made by giving his life for us on the cross.

He died for YOU.

Can you even wrap your mind around that? He loves each one of us so much that he would have suffered in the same way had there been just one person on earth, and this is the day we especially remember that on. Watch this video of Bishop Fulton Sheen speaking about how each of us is a spectator of the cross, and I encourage you to look up some of his other talks - he is an incredible speaker!

My Lord, 
your son has suffered so much, shed so much blood. 
I was born with so many faults 
and my nature is so full of weakness, 
and yet your son Jesus has died on the cross. 
For me. 
I know your grace has the power 
to cleanse me of my many sins 
and to make me more like your Son. 
Thank you for your goodness and love for me. 
I ask you, Father, to watch over me - always. Amen.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Don't like it, Don't do it"

"Don't like abortion, don't have one!" says an avid pro-choicer. I hear this all the time, and you know what? It makes absolutely no sense. Think about it for a bit:

By telling me "don't like it, don't do it", you assume that I am the only person that matters to myself, and that I shouldn't care about what happens to other people. You're saying I have no right to defend my unborn brothers and sisters who are being aborted. You're saying I have no right to defend mothers who are being lied to. You're saying I have no right to defend fathers who cannot stop the death of their children. Does that make sense?

Say I lived before the civil war in the southern area of the United States. My neighbors owned slaves, and I couldn't stand people being treated as if they were not human. I believed that slavery was wrong. Well, "don't like it, don't do it", right? I'm not the one hurting people!

Now say I lived during the holocaust in the middle of Europe. The Nazi's captured and killed Jews (and other "undesirable" people), and I couldn't stand the thought of people being treated as if they were not human. I believed killing people was wrong. Well, "don't like it, don't do it", huh? I'm not the one killing people!

Fast forward to modern time. I live in America. Abortionists abort around 4,000 babies every single day, and I can't stand people being treated as if they were not human. I believe aborting babies is wrong. Well, "don't like it, don't do it" right? I'm not the one aborting babies!

So since I'm not the one doing bad things, it makes it okay for other people to do it, right? Wrong. Just because I'm not the one committing the injustice does not mean the victims of injustice are any less deserving of their freedom and dignity as human beings.

How did slavery end? How did the holocaust end? People got sick of their brothers and sisters being treated like dirt, and decided to end the injustice. That is precisely what I strive to do in the pro-life movement, and what all of us are called to do to some degree.

How dare we look at the victim of an injustice and say "You do not deserve to do be fought for."? How arrogant and self righteous that is! Does this man, an African slave, not deserve to be fought for simply because YOU were not the one to hurt him? Is that what "don't like it, don't do it" looks like? I couldn't even find a picture of a holocaust victim that was okay to put on this blog. Here, here, and here are links to a few of those pictures (but be warned, they are disturbing).

Take a good long look at those pictures. Don't they make you sick? How could people do that? If you lived back then, you surely would have stood up for a slave or holocaust victim, right? Well, by the blindingly brilliant logic of "don't like it, don't do it", NONE of these victims (slavery, holocaust, abortion) deserve to be fought for. Why? Because we're not the one hurting them. We're not the ones killing people, so why should we do anything about it?

I'll tell you why. It's rather simple, actually. We should stand up for victims of any injustice because we are human. We fought for our brothers and sisters to be freed from other injustices because they deserve their freedom and dignity as human persons. Are the victims of abortion any less worthy of our blood sweat, and tears just because we're not the ones having or performing abortions?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Today is the day to celebrate the people in the world who have an extra little 21st chromosome. Please take minute to read my blog post for Live Action about this day, and help me spread the word that all life if beautiful: extra chromosome or not!

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Monday, March 05, 2012

Musical Monday - Today is the Day

Musical Monday
Today is the Day
By Lincoln Brewster

Just a little bit of inspiration for the day...rejoice in today, and be glad! Don't worry about tomorrow, becasue it is up to God. Reminds me of the quote - "Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That's why it's called the Present" Think about it!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Musical Monday - "Courageous"

 Musical Monday
By Casting Crowns

This song speaks for itself. We're meant to be courageous - be not afraid! God is with us, and with God, nothing is impossible. If you haven't already, you should check out the movie Courageous which this song was made for (I think). It's an awesome movie, with a great message for you: Go the extra mile, and be people of courage.

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear." ~Ambrose Redmoon

What's more important to you than fear? 

Dear Planned Parenthood - When Does Life Begin?

Earlier today I posted this picture on the Planned Parenthood's Facebook Page...

...and let's just say I don't plan on doing that again anytime soon. I've posted links and had conversations on their wall before, but this must have really hit a chord in people's hearts because it garnered a grand total of 403 comments in a couple hours. Wow.

I've heard the pro-choice rhetoric, the cuss words, the false accusations, the lies, the non-arguments, etc. But the people who were commenting on this were plain illogical. They started out saying that life begins at the picture in the top right corner, or the one after that: the first representing an unborn baby past the point of viability, and the second after birth. Then someone decided to point out that the picture on the top row second from the left looks like a shrimp (slightly creepy and twisted), and that they were now hungry for shrimp. Ew. Comparing an incredibly complex and beautiful human being to coconut and garlic shrimp is not cool. At all.

1. Our physical lives begin when our physical bodies begin to exist. That is the moment of fertilization: not when we're considered "viable" or after birth.

2. When I asked them to elaborate on this point, and when they thought life begins, I received this shining example of pro-"choice" logic:
"When something no longer needs to be attached to something else either with or without their consent in order to survive."
So, wait a second, we're not considered to be alive if we depend on something else to survive?!?! No way! 'Cause we sort of rely on a lot of things like food and water to survive.....This person even went on to say that life begins when we can breathe. I asked her if she believed a person on a ventilator qualified as being alive, and she said....wait for We're not alive if we're on a ventilator, because apparently we're only alive if we can breathe on our own. Huh? This takes the cake for most illogical statement of the day award! I've heard it many times before, but it is so illogical, I had to include it.

Some other gems of comments in response to "When Does Life Begin?":
"Life starts when I say so, B***h!" 
"When a woman chooses it's time for her to bring forth life."

"Technically a fetus isn't a person or citizen until it gets a birth certificate, so I would say after it is born." 
"The word "life" is a multi-meaning word, it means many different things to different people. Maybe you'd have better luck brainwashing...a sunday school class full of gullible six year olds."

"Life is a fuzzy concept."
Now maybe I'm being too simplistic, but life and death are black and white to me. Life is not a fuzzy concept when you have science and logic on your side. Maybe I'm being harsh, I don't know, but life is life, and death is death as far as I know. Abortion kills an innocent person, and that is wrong. Is that really too hard to understand?

After this part of the conversation, it moved on to people saying that "any woman who has an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage is committing a murder, and should be tried for involuntary manslaughter." And this is where I just have to sigh and pray for these people. I tried explaining, but alas! These brains filled with pro-"choice" mantra were impervious to the facts of life. I will go more into this in a later post.

I am not "all-knowing", but I can tell you this: no matter what people tell me about abortion, and when life begins, it will not change the scientific fact that life begins at the moment of fertilization and that each and every life deserves a lifetime. I wish I could learn from these people what their stories are, and why they think how they do, but all I get are new cuss words.

This is one reason why I read the book "UnPlanned" by Abby Johnson, and why I go on abortion blogs and Facebook pages every so often: I believe we have to understand the opposing side in order to defeat them. We have to see exactly what Satan has infiltrated hearts with to see how we can then be a tool of Christ in turning those same hearts back to Him who created us. I sure didn't learn much from this post because all it was were empty pieces of rhetoric I've heard before. These "arguments" are getting rather old.

I pray for everyone involved in that comment thread, as there were some very troubled people who desperately need God's mercy and love. Please join me in praying for them, and never, ever stop standing up for what you believe in, no matter how much heat you get from the other side. You never know how God will use you. Metal is put through fire to make it strong. God puts us through tough times to solidify our beliefs, bring others to Him, and strengthen our resolve. Let us begin.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Musical Monday - God Bless the USA

Happy President's Day!

This is by far one of my favorite patriotic songs - I wish all Americans shared the sentiments in this song. We should ALL be willing to stand up for what we believe in, protect our country, and our rights as Americans. Rock on America!

"I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free. And I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me. And I'll proudly stand up next to you, and defend her still today. "Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land. God Bless the USA!!!!!"

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Girl Behind "The Letter"

**A couple weeks ago I wrote a post asking you wonderful readers to share your stories. This story is from one of my readers, so enjoy! Feel free to email your own story to me anytime - I'm happy to post it here :-) 

Meet Caitlin McInnis, a homeschooled high schooler. She’s pro-life, and has a knack for filming. Back at the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008, Caitlin hadn’t fully discovered her passion for filming and for life, but that was soon to change.

Caitlin had always been pro-life, and knew that abortion killed an unborn baby, but she didn’t fully understand what being pro-life was all about. In 2007 she saw the movie Bella in theaters, and in January 2008 she went to the March for Life in Washington D.C. For the first time, she saw a graphic picture of an aborted baby at the March for Life, and was brought to tears. How could this be happening? Touched by those events, Caitlin was compelled to research abortion. Only then did she discover the true horror of abortion. She would never be the same.

Around that same time, Caitlin began making films for fun. She didn't have a camcorder, so she started experimenting with stop-animation, making her first film when she was 13 years old. It was a 5 second video of a stuffed elephant running up to the camera, and then falling down. She loved making the films, but wanted to do more with her talent. After finding a yearning to film, and a passion for the pro-life cause, Caitlin continued making those videos and developed her skills into what they are today.

Fast-forward a few years: In the spring of 2011, Caitlin signed up for a film class at a local university. She loved it. For her Editing II class in fall 2011, she decided to use both her talent for film and her passion for life for an assignment. While online, she ran across an anonymous letter from a grieving mother to her aborted baby. The letter explained how much the woman regretted her abortion, and how sad she was to have aborted her baby. Looking back on it, Caitlin knows that God was the one who clicked on that letter. After reading the heart-wrenching words, she decided to use it for her assignment.

Caitlin's class provided the cameras and equipment needed for the film, and she saved up enough money to buy an editing program. She had a vision for the film, and captured the footage over a weekend. She submitted it to her class for viewing the next day.

To her surprise, Caitlin's film was met with great feedback from her professor and classmates when they viewed it in class. Her professor suggested that Caitlin submit the film to a film festival, and another instructor told her it was well done and would appeal to pro-choicers as well. She did not hear any objections.

Little did she know that this film "The Letter" would have a major impact. It went viral in the pro-life community after being posted on Youtube in November 2011, and has been viewed over nine and a half THOUSAND times. Wow! Not only have thousands of people watched Caitlin's video, but it has saved a life. A woman who was considering abortion was sent the video, and decided not to abort her baby after seeing it. 

Caitlin would never have guessed the huge impact her video would have, but is thrilled to help spread the message of life. She hopes to submit the film to LifeFest (a pro-life film festival in California), and dreams of directing and editing films with pro-life messages in Hollywood. She sees the need for moral entertainment, and feels called by God to fill that need:

"Ultimately, it's up to Him [God], but I have some big-budget film ideas on abortion, euthanasia, and other matters that I would love to be able to create in the near future."

I love seeing people who use the talents God gives them to bring His light to a darkened world. Caitlin has created a remarkable film as a high school senior, and I know she has an exciting future in store with God by her side. I certainly look forward to seeing Caitlin's futures projects, and after hearing her story, I hope you do too!

Here's her video The Letter. Please pass it along to your family and friends!

You can "like" The Letter on Facebook here, and visit Caitlin's blog here

Monday, February 13, 2012

Musical Monday - Medley

This week's Musical Monday post does not have any deep meaning, but reveals the facts that:

1. Andrew Lloyd Weber (who composed the songs in this medley) is a genius, and 

2. I have no idea how this guy, Nick Pitera, can sing like a operatic woman and a manly dude.

This is a just-for-fun watch. Enjoy! You should check out the other songs this guy has done here if you feel like wasting a few minutes of your day :-) 

Musical Monday #3
Phantom of the Opera Medley
By Nick Pitera

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Will You Kneel to the Mandate?

Imagine that you're walking down a city sidewalk. It's sunny, and you can hear the cars whiz by. You're on your lunch hour, and are heading down the street to get a hamburger. Yum! You're happily thinking about what you'll do this weekend when a random stranger stops you and says "Give me money. I don't have enough to pay for my next pack of cigarettes, so you have to pay for it." 

Now, you know that cigarettes can seriously affect someone's health. For goodness sakes, it can cause lung cancer, and this dude is trying to make YOU pay for it. Not cool! You respond by saying "Using cigarettes is wrong, and it can seriously hurt you. This is my money. I do not want to pay for your cigarettes." Now the dude gets mad, and tells you "The government says you have to support me. Your beliefs are irrelevant here, lady, so give me the money."

Now that's just absurd if you ask me. Living in the "land of the free" we should not be forced by anyone to support something we believe is wrong. 

Most Americans value this freedom, but that freedom is being tested by our government - the very people who should be fighting to protect it. You've probably heard about the HHS Mandate by now. If this goes into effect as planned, employers (including religious ones) would be forced to provide insurance plans that include sterilization, contraception, and abortifacent drugs. 

No matter if you believe those services are wrong (that's a whole other post), we as Americans should realize that forcing people to support something they believe is wrong is 100% crazy. We should be appalled at the fact that our government is trying to force anything on us. Telling me I have to pay for some dudes cigarettes is crazy. Telling me I have to support contraception, sterilization, and abortifacent drugs is CRAZY

Forcing me to support anything is absolutely contrary to what our country was founded on, and what our Constitution says. In our Constitution, it says that
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”
So, did the Constitution change recently, or who decided it's okay to disregard it?

I have a sneaking suspicion this guy might have something to do with this...

The HHS mandate directly affects all Catholics by prohibiting the exercise of religious beliefs. That's bad enough, as the Catholics make up around 20 - 30% of our population (don't quote me on that one though, I didn't find a reputable source for that number). But what's important here is that this is not just a Catholic issue. This is not even a religious issue. This is an issue about our freedom. 

Our freedom is being attacked by none other than our President. Isn't that horribly ironic? Yup, it's ironic, and it's disgusting. I am disgusted that this HHS mandate had gotten so far, but I know it will not last. Several groups have already taken up lawsuits against it. People are speaking out, and rightly so. 

What can you do to stop this attack on our freedom? Here's what you can do: 

1. Educate yourself. Know what the HHS Mandate is all about so you can talk about it. 

2. Sign this petition to let the government know we will stand against this mandate.

3. Share this article, and let other people know that we need to stand up against this atrocity.

As Dan Burke recently said in an article"What the Obama administration needs to understand is that Catholics do not kneel to idols, we do not break rank before the hordes and we do not fear the consequences of an unjust law."

So here's what I have to say to Mr. Obama about this mandate: Bring it. We will never kneel to this mandate. We will never change our beliefs. And, we will do everything in our power to overturn this heinous attack on the freedom of ALL Americans. So yes, bring it.

Is there a difference?

A worried woman went to her gynecologist and said:

'Doctor, I have a serious problem and desperately need your help! My baby is not even 1 year old and I'm pregnant again. I don't want kids so close together.'

So the doctor said: 'Ok and what do you want me to do?'

She said: 'I want you to end my pregnancy, and I'm counting on your help with this.'

The doctor thought for a little, and after some silence he said to the lady: 'I think I have a better solution for your problem. It's less dangerous for you too.'

She smiled, thinking that the doctor was going to accept her request.

Then he continued: 'You see, in order for you not to have to take care of two babies at the same time, let's kill the one in your arms. This way, you could rest some before the other one is born. If we're going to kill one of them, it doesn't matter which one it is. There would be no risk for your body if you chose the one in your arms.'

The lady was horrified and said: 'No doctor! How terrible! It's a crime to kill a child!'

'I agree', the doctor replied. 'But you seemed to be okay with it, so I thought maybe that was the best solution.'

The doctor smiled, realizing that he had made his point.

No matter how many times I hear this, I always like reading it again. It make total sense: People are people, and should be treated that way from the very moment their life begins. There isn't a difference between killing this mother's one year old, and killing her unborn baby. Why? Because both are people - innocent people at that. They have no reason to die. We don't become people after we're born, but when we begin to exist at conception. 

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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

La-Z-Boy Chairs, Popcorn, and Tennis Shoes...

Are you a person who sits and watches evil things happen, or do you do something about changing things that are wrong? Answer truthfully.

I,  for one, am not content sitting in my la-z-boy chair with a bowl of popcorn while watching life pass me by (yes, even if it's that amazing white cheesy popcorn). I was put on this earth for a reason, and by golly I'm going to live with that purpose!

Yes, no matter how comfortable this char looks, I will resist! Well, maybe.... ;-)

What do you think? Should we just let the awesome people who are changing things keep on doing what they're doing, or should we ALL stand up when we see things are not right? (Hint: your answer should involve the last part there).

I encourage you to think about your own life, and pray about this. Ask God for direction in your life so you can get out of your recliner and into the action. Find what you are passionate about, and ask God to use you to make a difference. Resist the urge to be complacent! We are all called in different ways. We aren't all called to be on the front line of life's battle, but we are all called to fight for what is right. So pull yourself out of your smooshy luxurious chair, put your popcorn away, and get your tennis shoes on. We're in this to win it. Today is the day.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Musical Monday - "Everything"

This week's song is from the talented Elizabeth Campisi. I really enjoy her her music, and the thought and meaning behind each song. I could go on and on, but I'm just going to let this song speak for itself.

Musical Monday #2
By Elizabeth Campisi & Danielle Rose

And now I've just gotta laugh at myself because the whole point of Musical Mondays was to take a break from serious stuff and post fun songs. Oh well! Next week I'll take a break from these awesome thought-provoking songs, and find an upbeat one to add some zest to your day :-) 

Now, take a minute to thank God for giving everything for you. He loves you as if you were the only person in the world. Here's to a wonderful week!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Out of Commission

Hi Readers!

Thank you so much for your continued support, and helping me spread the truth of life! You guys are awesome. I'm writing this to let you know that I'm out of town this weekend, and won't be posting until next week. I'll be at Benedictine College for a scholarship competition, so please keep me in your prayers. I'll be back in action next week :-)

In the meantime, leave me a comment with something you want me to blog about! Send me an email with your pro-life story! Share a post with your friends! Ask questions if you have some! Share your stories, and never loose faith in this battle for life!

For the Dignity of All Human Life,


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's go Komen!!

I was so happy this afternoon to log onto my Facebook account and see numerous news stories about Susan G. Komen defunding the largest abortion chain in America - Planned Parenthood. I've wanted to support Komen for a while now, but have refused to because of their support of abortion. Seeing as abortion contributes toward breast cancer, it never made sense that Komen would support an organization causing what they're fighting against.

I went to Komen's Facebook page  and wrote a little thank you to them. As I scrolled down the page, I saw so many rude comments from people who said they would no longer support Komen because of this. Wow. I, for one, and rather happy about this happening.

Planned Parenthood, as you can imagine is VERY UPSET about loosing around $700,000. They said that Komen is "bowing to pressure from anti-abortion activists" but that really doesn't have much to do with it. Komen indicates that funds were cut off because of a "newly adopted criteria barring grants to organizations that are under investigation by local, state or federal authorities." Planned Parenthood is under investigation right now, thanks to places like Live Action, so Komen has removed funding for that reason.

News stories indicate that Komen may go back to supporting PP depending on the outcome of the investigation. Some pro-lifers have chosen to continue to not support Komen because of that. Well, that's ridiculous.  Right now is the time when we as pro-lifers must STAND UP and SUPPORT Komen in their decision! Let's show them our support NOW, because guess what? If you support them now, they will think twice before going back to funding abortion. They will know that going back to funding abortion would cause them to loose a valuable asset: our voices, and our support.

Please visit Komen's Facebook page, and leave them a note saying that you are happy about their decision to stop funding abortion, and that you will now happily support them. Give them a call at 1-877 GO KOMEN, or send them an email through their website.

Raise up your voices, and let Komen know that we support their decision to stop funding abortion, and that we will stand with them as long as they continue to fight for life, not against it. Let's go Komen!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Musical Monday #1 - I Was Here

No, actually, don't smell him.
I don't know what he'd smell like...
You've probably noticed that my posts are rather serious, and rightly so - life is a serious issue. But honestly, sometimes we need to lighten up and enjoy life! Smell the bacon, or alfalfa (see picture to the right). With that in mind, I've decided to institute a new tradition: Musical Mondays!!

I've always enjoyed music, and music can move us in ways words cannot. I'll probably post some sort of question or thought that has to do with the song as well.

I'll post all different kinds of songs except rap, hard rock, people who are screaming instead of singing, or songs with bad language. Make sure to check every Monday for a new song, and let me know what you think!

Musical Monday #1

"I Was Here" 
by Lady Antebellum

(Thumbnail is a little frightening, but don't worry, she won't bite :-)

This song came up on my Pandora a few days ago, and I immediately thought "That's my first Musical Monday song!!!". This song pretty much describes my life: I want to do something that matters that people will look back on and know "I Was Here". And, no, I am not into singing fluffy words that don't mean anything. Like they said "I will prove you wrong if you think I'm just talk." I'm not just saying I want to do something that matters, so believe me when I say I'm definitely working on it now! The time is now people. Do not put off until tomorrow what could be done today!

What are you doing right now that will say "I Was Here"?

P.S. Just so ya know, just because I post these songs does NOT necessarily mean I endorse the people who sing them.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Share your story!

As pro-lifers, we have many stories to tell about our experiences: that day at the abortion clinic, the day you became pro-life,  the baby you lost, a touching moment you had with an abortion-bound mother, that baby God helped you save, the prayer that changed everything....

Our stories are as diverse as our movement for life, and I want to tap into that wealth of knowledge and stories!

Do you have a neat pro-life story you'd like to share? A tip, or piece of advice you've been given? A sentence of encouragement? A story from your community? I would LOVE to hear them, and share them here on my blog. You never know who will read your story, or how many lives it will touch....

If you are interested in sharing your story, please end me an email at Let me know in the email if you'd like your name posted with the story or not. Hope to hear from you soon, and check back soon for some new stories!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

"I Remember You"

I ran across this moving poem on Facebook recently, and had to share it with you. With Rev. Hatchell's permission, I present you with a poem written by a father who deeply regrets the abortion of his child. Please take a couple minutes to read this:

Sanctity of Human Life - " I Remember You "
By Rev. Darrell Hatchell

I never got to hold you, or see your lovely face
In our daily, routined lives, there really is no trace
To prove that you existed or that you were conceived
But I will not forget you, dear precious child of mine
You are ever present, in my heart, my soul, my mind

Oh, how much I regret, the choices made back then
When I lived, so very deep, in the muck and mire of sin
Wandering aimlessly, groping in darkness, the only life I knew
And so with societies approval, we aborted you

O, how I wish, I could have known about the guilt, shame, and despair
Or how much I would want to hold you, and tell you that I care
O, how much I miss you, though we have never met,
You are still a part of me, and so I wont forget

Until the day God calls me home, and I meet him face to face
In that land of perfect day, where sin will have no place
I know that I shall meet you, and know you as you are
When God shall wipe from my mind, my sin, my shame, my scars.

Did this make you cry? It made me. This, my friends, is why we are in this movement for life. We're here to change and save lives. 

I'm often told to stop telling women what to do with their bodies, and to stop forcing my morals on the world. As pro-lifers we're accused of not caring about anything but "fetuses". We're told that fighting for abortion is wrong, because who are we to judge what is right and wrong? 

Let me tell you that those fluffy phrases do not come near to describing me, or why I fight for life.

I fight for life not only because abortion ends the lives of innocent babies, but also because it permanently damages the lives of at least two other people: the mother and father. We need to remember that there are at least three lives affected by every abortion: the baby, mother, and father. 

You can tell me, as someone did recently, that abortion does not hurt women, that it's not a big deal, but that is simply not true. Killing a person leaves a huge amount of guilt on a person's conscience, whether or not they choose to recognize it.  Rev.  Hatchell courageously shared his heart in this poem, and I hope it reminds you of why fighting against injustice is so important. I am committed, as a pro-life advocate, to saving lives of unborn babies, but also the lives of mothers and fathers, post-abortive parents, and anyone involved or touched by abortion. I am here to stand up not 'just' for babies, but for anyone who has been hurt by abortion. 

We're not in this just for some lives. We're in this for all life, because all life is sacred - born and unborn.

Are you in?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade this year, you said
“As we mark the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we must remember that this Supreme Court decision not only protects a woman’s health and reproductive freedom, but also affirms a broader principle: that government should not intrude on private family matters.”
Now, I already knew that you are the most pro-abortion president in the history of America, but do you realize how utterly ironic and absurd that statement is? You see, you allow Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion chain in America, to receive millions of taxpayer dollars...from our government. You, as the president, openly support a woman's "right" to choose to have an abortion.

How in the world can you say the "government should not intrude on private family matters” when YOU are clearly intruding on the matter of abortion? You don't want to take funding away from Planned Parenthood. You've made sure peaceful pro-lifers do not have an easy time saving women and babies. You want to force insurance companies to provide birth control and abortion drugs. You weaken conscience rights of those in the medical field who don't want to kill babies.

I realize that you have a very difficult job, Mr. President. Believe me, I don't want to be president. But I would really appreciate if you protected the rights of all humans, not just the born ones you care about.Our country was founded on the belief that all men are created equal, and that we have an intrinsic right to life. When did that change?

You, Mr. President support abortion, and clearly have exercised that belief. So next time you talk about the government and abortion, please don't tell me you think that "government should not intrude on private family matters” because you, my friend, intrude on private family matters all the time.

Have a wonderful day, and let me know when you start to back up what you say.


An American Girl

Update 1/24: I submitted this letter to You can view the letter and leave a reply at this link.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pro-"Choice" Counter Rally

      This past Saturday, while around 60,000 pro-lifers gathered for the Walk for Life, around 80 pro-"choicers" gathered for their West Coast Rally for Reproductive Rights in San Francisco, CA. They held the rally to protest our walk, and our "anti-abortion" agenda...apparently attempting to stop the Walk for Life, which proved unsuccessful. Take a look at these pictures, and my post from yesterday to see the stark difference between life and death.

This was the pro-choice "protest"...need I say more?
Trying to block the walk using an orange plastic fence decorated with hangers. How festive.
Not too happy that police are telling him to move

I can see one, maybe two people standing there trying to block the walk...
Being moved away
Protesters also tried to block the walk by linking hands and refusing to move. I can't seem to find those pictures now. These next photos are some of the people I saw en route to Justin Herman Plaza.

This really make me want to support abortion. No, really. Ya'll pro-choicers better stop dressing up in creepy costumes before all my pro-life homies are swayed by you!

Yes, telling me that Jesus likes abortion makes me want to support you as well.

The classic pro-choicer with a hanger: because we pro-lifers want you to have a back ally abortion...

Happy, aren't they?
I show you these pictures not to scare you, or to shame these people. I show them so you can see what truly happened at the Walk for Life 2012.

What strikes me the most when I see people this willing to support death is that these people need our prayers. They are so conflicted and angry. There is so much hate inside of them that Satan preys on. We need to pray that our peaceful witness to life will touch their hearts. We need to pray that they overcome the evil that the culture of death has sucked them into. Please join me in praying for these people that they will one day come to the realization that abortion is wrong, and that they find peace through the grace of God.


Now you tell me: Who is going to win this battle for life? 

Walk for Life West Coast - A Photographic Journey

 As expected, the media has once again failed at reporting events that are not a part of their culture of death.

Yes, they failed even more miserably than this poor dog :-)
I'm guessing that if we gathered 60,000 people for pretty much any other cause, we would have been ALL OVER the news. But no, the media doesn't want to report things that might ruin their "my body, my choice" mentality - even if it's a gathering of say, THOUSANDS of people!!! Well, that's fine by me. The pro-life movement is growing by leaps and bounds, and the media not reporting on our events can't put a damper on our passion for life!

In light of the media attention failure, I bring to you my Walk for Life West Coast Photographic Journey 2012. My brother and I took all these picture, and I've included info on them so you know what they're of. Feel free to share, but please link back to this post :-)

Here the crowd begins to form at the Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco, California just before 11am. We could not have asked for more perfect weather. Thank you God!

Fr. Frank Pavone - what an inspiration! 

Women from the Silent No More Awareness Campaign share their abortion stories

These stories remind me of why we're in this movement. We're here because abortion is part of destructive lifestyle, and we believe women and men deserve better than abortion (not to mention the babies). We were made for far greater things.

It's inspirational and moving to see the courage these women have in sharing their stories and speaking out against the evil of abortion.

The crowd gathers, completely filling the Civic Center Plaza. Can we say, sardines perhaps?

Getting the crowd excited!!

Lori Hoye shares her testimony to life

Cheering for the place you come from. Go west coast!!

Dr. Wong shares his conversion story.

The abortion movement is the civil rights movement of our day.

You can see the Our Lady of Peace Church banner in yellow there

"You are the salt of the earth," Rev. Childress told the Walk for Life crowd. "This is more than a pro-life movement. This is a holy spirit movement because the spirit addresses evil."

Former Miss West Virginia, Jacquie Stalnaker giving her testimony to life

Walkers as far as you can see

We are the pro-life generation, and we will not rest until abortion become unthinkable in America! 

Respect life from the womb to the tomb

We'll see you next year - only if abortion remains here in America!
 What's up next? A photographic journey of the pro-"choice" counter rally. Check back tomorrow night to see the stark contrast between the two, and "like" my blog on Facebook if you haven't already. Thanks!

Also up next: "What do you mean by choice" day, and why the pro-life movement will triumph. Stay tuned!