Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Don't like it, Don't do it"

"Don't like abortion, don't have one!" says an avid pro-choicer. I hear this all the time, and you know what? It makes absolutely no sense. Think about it for a bit:

By telling me "don't like it, don't do it", you assume that I am the only person that matters to myself, and that I shouldn't care about what happens to other people. You're saying I have no right to defend my unborn brothers and sisters who are being aborted. You're saying I have no right to defend mothers who are being lied to. You're saying I have no right to defend fathers who cannot stop the death of their children. Does that make sense?

Say I lived before the civil war in the southern area of the United States. My neighbors owned slaves, and I couldn't stand people being treated as if they were not human. I believed that slavery was wrong. Well, "don't like it, don't do it", right? I'm not the one hurting people!

Now say I lived during the holocaust in the middle of Europe. The Nazi's captured and killed Jews (and other "undesirable" people), and I couldn't stand the thought of people being treated as if they were not human. I believed killing people was wrong. Well, "don't like it, don't do it", huh? I'm not the one killing people!

Fast forward to modern time. I live in America. Abortionists abort around 4,000 babies every single day, and I can't stand people being treated as if they were not human. I believe aborting babies is wrong. Well, "don't like it, don't do it" right? I'm not the one aborting babies!

So since I'm not the one doing bad things, it makes it okay for other people to do it, right? Wrong. Just because I'm not the one committing the injustice does not mean the victims of injustice are any less deserving of their freedom and dignity as human beings.

How did slavery end? How did the holocaust end? People got sick of their brothers and sisters being treated like dirt, and decided to end the injustice. That is precisely what I strive to do in the pro-life movement, and what all of us are called to do to some degree.

How dare we look at the victim of an injustice and say "You do not deserve to do be fought for."? How arrogant and self righteous that is! Does this man, an African slave, not deserve to be fought for simply because YOU were not the one to hurt him? Is that what "don't like it, don't do it" looks like? I couldn't even find a picture of a holocaust victim that was okay to put on this blog. Here, here, and here are links to a few of those pictures (but be warned, they are disturbing).

Take a good long look at those pictures. Don't they make you sick? How could people do that? If you lived back then, you surely would have stood up for a slave or holocaust victim, right? Well, by the blindingly brilliant logic of "don't like it, don't do it", NONE of these victims (slavery, holocaust, abortion) deserve to be fought for. Why? Because we're not the one hurting them. We're not the ones killing people, so why should we do anything about it?

I'll tell you why. It's rather simple, actually. We should stand up for victims of any injustice because we are human. We fought for our brothers and sisters to be freed from other injustices because they deserve their freedom and dignity as human persons. Are the victims of abortion any less worthy of our blood sweat, and tears just because we're not the ones having or performing abortions?


  1. Well stated. I find it very disturbing that people are willing to turn a blind eye and pretend that abortion is just a snip snip done routine. When a HUMAN body is being torn to pieces, that's something to be DISGUSTED about not ignored. Thank you for posting this. I hope that it changes hearts and minds to think differently towards this injustice called abortion.

  2. Laura, I am so very grateful for your post! Bless your heart!

  3. VERY well said! Thank you for writing this :)

  4. Wonderful and very well put post!! It's sad how so many people don't see the basic fact of the dignity of human life. Thanks!

  5. Well said, thank you!