Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's go Komen!!

I was so happy this afternoon to log onto my Facebook account and see numerous news stories about Susan G. Komen defunding the largest abortion chain in America - Planned Parenthood. I've wanted to support Komen for a while now, but have refused to because of their support of abortion. Seeing as abortion contributes toward breast cancer, it never made sense that Komen would support an organization causing what they're fighting against.

I went to Komen's Facebook page  and wrote a little thank you to them. As I scrolled down the page, I saw so many rude comments from people who said they would no longer support Komen because of this. Wow. I, for one, and rather happy about this happening.

Planned Parenthood, as you can imagine is VERY UPSET about loosing around $700,000. They said that Komen is "bowing to pressure from anti-abortion activists" but that really doesn't have much to do with it. Komen indicates that funds were cut off because of a "newly adopted criteria barring grants to organizations that are under investigation by local, state or federal authorities." Planned Parenthood is under investigation right now, thanks to places like Live Action, so Komen has removed funding for that reason.

News stories indicate that Komen may go back to supporting PP depending on the outcome of the investigation. Some pro-lifers have chosen to continue to not support Komen because of that. Well, that's ridiculous.  Right now is the time when we as pro-lifers must STAND UP and SUPPORT Komen in their decision! Let's show them our support NOW, because guess what? If you support them now, they will think twice before going back to funding abortion. They will know that going back to funding abortion would cause them to loose a valuable asset: our voices, and our support.

Please visit Komen's Facebook page, and leave them a note saying that you are happy about their decision to stop funding abortion, and that you will now happily support them. Give them a call at 1-877 GO KOMEN, or send them an email through their website.

Raise up your voices, and let Komen know that we support their decision to stop funding abortion, and that we will stand with them as long as they continue to fight for life, not against it. Let's go Komen!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Musical Monday #1 - I Was Here

No, actually, don't smell him.
I don't know what he'd smell like...
You've probably noticed that my posts are rather serious, and rightly so - life is a serious issue. But honestly, sometimes we need to lighten up and enjoy life! Smell the bacon, or alfalfa (see picture to the right). With that in mind, I've decided to institute a new tradition: Musical Mondays!!

I've always enjoyed music, and music can move us in ways words cannot. I'll probably post some sort of question or thought that has to do with the song as well.

I'll post all different kinds of songs except rap, hard rock, people who are screaming instead of singing, or songs with bad language. Make sure to check every Monday for a new song, and let me know what you think!

Musical Monday #1

"I Was Here" 
by Lady Antebellum

(Thumbnail is a little frightening, but don't worry, she won't bite :-)

This song came up on my Pandora a few days ago, and I immediately thought "That's my first Musical Monday song!!!". This song pretty much describes my life: I want to do something that matters that people will look back on and know "I Was Here". And, no, I am not into singing fluffy words that don't mean anything. Like they said "I will prove you wrong if you think I'm just talk." I'm not just saying I want to do something that matters, so believe me when I say I'm definitely working on it now! The time is now people. Do not put off until tomorrow what could be done today!

What are you doing right now that will say "I Was Here"?

P.S. Just so ya know, just because I post these songs does NOT necessarily mean I endorse the people who sing them.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Share your story!

As pro-lifers, we have many stories to tell about our experiences: that day at the abortion clinic, the day you became pro-life,  the baby you lost, a touching moment you had with an abortion-bound mother, that baby God helped you save, the prayer that changed everything....

Our stories are as diverse as our movement for life, and I want to tap into that wealth of knowledge and stories!

Do you have a neat pro-life story you'd like to share? A tip, or piece of advice you've been given? A sentence of encouragement? A story from your community? I would LOVE to hear them, and share them here on my blog. You never know who will read your story, or how many lives it will touch....

If you are interested in sharing your story, please end me an email at laurasdropinthe-ocean@yahoo.com. Let me know in the email if you'd like your name posted with the story or not. Hope to hear from you soon, and check back soon for some new stories!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

"I Remember You"

I ran across this moving poem on Facebook recently, and had to share it with you. With Rev. Hatchell's permission, I present you with a poem written by a father who deeply regrets the abortion of his child. Please take a couple minutes to read this:

Sanctity of Human Life - " I Remember You "
By Rev. Darrell Hatchell

I never got to hold you, or see your lovely face
In our daily, routined lives, there really is no trace
To prove that you existed or that you were conceived
But I will not forget you, dear precious child of mine
You are ever present, in my heart, my soul, my mind

Oh, how much I regret, the choices made back then
When I lived, so very deep, in the muck and mire of sin
Wandering aimlessly, groping in darkness, the only life I knew
And so with societies approval, we aborted you

O, how I wish, I could have known about the guilt, shame, and despair
Or how much I would want to hold you, and tell you that I care
O, how much I miss you, though we have never met,
You are still a part of me, and so I wont forget

Until the day God calls me home, and I meet him face to face
In that land of perfect day, where sin will have no place
I know that I shall meet you, and know you as you are
When God shall wipe from my mind, my sin, my shame, my scars.

Did this make you cry? It made me. This, my friends, is why we are in this movement for life. We're here to change and save lives. 

I'm often told to stop telling women what to do with their bodies, and to stop forcing my morals on the world. As pro-lifers we're accused of not caring about anything but "fetuses". We're told that fighting for abortion is wrong, because who are we to judge what is right and wrong? 

Let me tell you that those fluffy phrases do not come near to describing me, or why I fight for life.

I fight for life not only because abortion ends the lives of innocent babies, but also because it permanently damages the lives of at least two other people: the mother and father. We need to remember that there are at least three lives affected by every abortion: the baby, mother, and father. 

You can tell me, as someone did recently, that abortion does not hurt women, that it's not a big deal, but that is simply not true. Killing a person leaves a huge amount of guilt on a person's conscience, whether or not they choose to recognize it.  Rev.  Hatchell courageously shared his heart in this poem, and I hope it reminds you of why fighting against injustice is so important. I am committed, as a pro-life advocate, to saving lives of unborn babies, but also the lives of mothers and fathers, post-abortive parents, and anyone involved or touched by abortion. I am here to stand up not 'just' for babies, but for anyone who has been hurt by abortion. 

We're not in this just for some lives. We're in this for all life, because all life is sacred - born and unborn.

Are you in?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade this year, you said
“As we mark the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we must remember that this Supreme Court decision not only protects a woman’s health and reproductive freedom, but also affirms a broader principle: that government should not intrude on private family matters.”
Now, I already knew that you are the most pro-abortion president in the history of America, but do you realize how utterly ironic and absurd that statement is? You see, you allow Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion chain in America, to receive millions of taxpayer dollars...from our government. You, as the president, openly support a woman's "right" to choose to have an abortion.

How in the world can you say the "government should not intrude on private family matters” when YOU are clearly intruding on the matter of abortion? You don't want to take funding away from Planned Parenthood. You've made sure peaceful pro-lifers do not have an easy time saving women and babies. You want to force insurance companies to provide birth control and abortion drugs. You weaken conscience rights of those in the medical field who don't want to kill babies.

I realize that you have a very difficult job, Mr. President. Believe me, I don't want to be president. But I would really appreciate if you protected the rights of all humans, not just the born ones you care about.Our country was founded on the belief that all men are created equal, and that we have an intrinsic right to life. When did that change?

You, Mr. President support abortion, and clearly have exercised that belief. So next time you talk about the government and abortion, please don't tell me you think that "government should not intrude on private family matters” because you, my friend, intrude on private family matters all the time.

Have a wonderful day, and let me know when you start to back up what you say.


An American Girl

Update 1/24: I submitted this letter to lettertobarackobama.com. You can view the letter and leave a reply at this link.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pro-"Choice" Counter Rally

      This past Saturday, while around 60,000 pro-lifers gathered for the Walk for Life, around 80 pro-"choicers" gathered for their West Coast Rally for Reproductive Rights in San Francisco, CA. They held the rally to protest our walk, and our "anti-abortion" agenda...apparently attempting to stop the Walk for Life, which proved unsuccessful. Take a look at these pictures, and my post from yesterday to see the stark difference between life and death.

This was the pro-choice "protest"...need I say more?
Trying to block the walk using an orange plastic fence decorated with hangers. How festive.
Not too happy that police are telling him to move

I can see one, maybe two people standing there trying to block the walk...
Being moved away
Protesters also tried to block the walk by linking hands and refusing to move. I can't seem to find those pictures now. These next photos are some of the people I saw en route to Justin Herman Plaza.

This really make me want to support abortion. No, really. Ya'll pro-choicers better stop dressing up in creepy costumes before all my pro-life homies are swayed by you!

Yes, telling me that Jesus likes abortion makes me want to support you as well.

The classic pro-choicer with a hanger: because we pro-lifers want you to have a back ally abortion...

Happy, aren't they?
I show you these pictures not to scare you, or to shame these people. I show them so you can see what truly happened at the Walk for Life 2012.

What strikes me the most when I see people this willing to support death is that these people need our prayers. They are so conflicted and angry. There is so much hate inside of them that Satan preys on. We need to pray that our peaceful witness to life will touch their hearts. We need to pray that they overcome the evil that the culture of death has sucked them into. Please join me in praying for these people that they will one day come to the realization that abortion is wrong, and that they find peace through the grace of God.


Now you tell me: Who is going to win this battle for life? 

Walk for Life West Coast - A Photographic Journey

 As expected, the media has once again failed at reporting events that are not a part of their culture of death.

Yes, they failed even more miserably than this poor dog :-)
I'm guessing that if we gathered 60,000 people for pretty much any other cause, we would have been ALL OVER the news. But no, the media doesn't want to report things that might ruin their "my body, my choice" mentality - even if it's a gathering of say, THOUSANDS of people!!! Well, that's fine by me. The pro-life movement is growing by leaps and bounds, and the media not reporting on our events can't put a damper on our passion for life!

In light of the media attention failure, I bring to you my Walk for Life West Coast Photographic Journey 2012. My brother and I took all these picture, and I've included info on them so you know what they're of. Feel free to share, but please link back to this post :-)

Here the crowd begins to form at the Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco, California just before 11am. We could not have asked for more perfect weather. Thank you God!

Fr. Frank Pavone - what an inspiration! 

Women from the Silent No More Awareness Campaign share their abortion stories

These stories remind me of why we're in this movement. We're here because abortion is part of destructive lifestyle, and we believe women and men deserve better than abortion (not to mention the babies). We were made for far greater things.

It's inspirational and moving to see the courage these women have in sharing their stories and speaking out against the evil of abortion.

The crowd gathers, completely filling the Civic Center Plaza. Can we say, sardines perhaps?

Getting the crowd excited!!

Lori Hoye shares her testimony to life

Cheering for the place you come from. Go west coast!!

Dr. Wong shares his conversion story.

The abortion movement is the civil rights movement of our day.

You can see the Our Lady of Peace Church banner in yellow there

"You are the salt of the earth," Rev. Childress told the Walk for Life crowd. "This is more than a pro-life movement. This is a holy spirit movement because the spirit addresses evil."

Former Miss West Virginia, Jacquie Stalnaker giving her testimony to life

Walkers as far as you can see

We are the pro-life generation, and we will not rest until abortion become unthinkable in America! 

Respect life from the womb to the tomb

We'll see you next year - only if abortion remains here in America!
 What's up next? A photographic journey of the pro-"choice" counter rally. Check back tomorrow night to see the stark contrast between the two, and "like" my blog on Facebook if you haven't already. Thanks!

Also up next: "What do you mean by choice" day, and why the pro-life movement will triumph. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What do you mean by "choice"?

Is this what "choice" looks like?

Today is the 39th anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade supreme court decision that made abortion legal in America. The decision was passed because it was determined that under our constitution, we are entitled to a right to privacy, which includes the right to make a private decision to have an abortion. Well, I just went through the constitution, and didn't see anything sayin' we have a right to make private medical decisions about abortions. So yeah...I need to go ask George Washington if I missed a line or something here. Check it out for yourself, and let me know if you see something saying we have a right to make the private medical decision to have an abortion.

39 years later, we have the pro-life and pro-"choice" sides of the abortion debate. Pro-lifers fight for the right to life for all people from conception until natural death. Pro-choicers fight for a woman's right to control her body using abortion, and contraception.

I see comments all the time about this "choice" to have an abortion, but I ask you: What do you mean by choice?

Do you mean the choice to end your child's life? Do you mean the choice to hurt your own body and put your life in danger? Do you mean the choice to deprive your partner of his fatherhood? Do you mean the choice to kill?

What does this choice to have an abortion do? Take a look at this. (Warning: link contain graphic images). Is that what "choice" looks like?

Now you're probably thinking "Laura, this is a silly question. By 'choice' I mean the right to choose what to do with my own body!" But think a little deeper. What does this choice do? What are you fighting for if you fight for this choice? Regardless of which side you identify with, think about it for a minute, then answer me this:

What do you mean by choice? 

Walk for Life: Stay Tuned!

How incredible it is to be a part of this pro-life movement! I am so thankful to be fighting for life as we draw closer and closer to the day when abortion will be abolished in our country. Today was the 8th Annual Walk for Life West Coast, and it was absolutely wonderful. We heard from many people who gave their abortion testimonies, which were a reminder of why we are here in the movement for life. We're here because ALL life is important, and ALL life deserves to be protected and defended from conception until natural death.  

Check back over the next couple days for more information on how the walk went, and how YOU can help abolish abortion. I have many pictures and insights to share! 

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blog for Choice!

To commemorate the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the pro-abortion group NARAL created the "Blog for Choice" Day where participants are encouraged to let their readers know that "a woman's right to choose is a core progressive value that must be protected." Well, us pro-lifers are smart cookies, and catch on real quick. For the second year in a row, we're combating the culture of death with the "Ask them what they mean by choice" Blog Day hosted by pro-life blogging superwoman, Jill Stanek. On this day, pro-life participants flood their blogs, twitters, and Facebooks with comments about "choice", asking what people really mean by it. You can check out Jill's post on the topic here.

Last year this unified effort had a huge impact on the abortion world. If you have a blog, Twitter, or Facebook, can you commit to making a few comments about "choice" on Sunday?

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

She Didn't Survive to Make You Comfortable

Gianna Jessen is an inspiration. She is an incredible woman who survived a saline abortion, and now lives for God, sharing her story with the world. No matter what your opinion is on abortion, you need to watch these videos. They're the best 15 minutes you'll spend today! She says way too many good things for me to talk about here, so I'll just quote one of my favorite parts:

"I know in the age that we live in, it is not at all politically correct to say the name of Jesus Christ in places like this. To bring Him into these sorts of meetings because His name can make people so terribly uncomfortable. But I didn't survive so I could make everyone comfortable. I survived so I could stir things up a bit. And I have a great time doing it."

The Battle Continues - Are You In?

On January 22, 1973 abortion became legal in our country. On that day each year, pro-lifers renew their passion for the movement, and dedicate another year to fighting the evil of abortion in our country (But not for long! Pretty soon we're going to use the day to celebrate the end of abortion!). Some people think we're crazy for fighting for this long...

WFL - 2011
"I cannot believe that it’s January 2012, almost 39 years to the day that the right to abortion was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, and we’re still having a conversation about the access to and legality of female reproductive health services."

...But I don't think we're the crazy ones. If people had gotten tired of fighting to end slavery, would there still be slaves in America? Giving up is not an option for pro-lifers. Our fight will not end until the day when ALL life is protected, and abortion no longer slithers through our land like the evil snake it is.

The pro-life movement grows stronger each day with more youth getting involved, and more people becoming aware of the tragedy of abortion. We see this growth each year at the Walk for Life in San Francisco, CA, and the March for Life in Washington D.C.

Last year over 50,000 pro-life warriors marched in CA, and 300,000 in D.C. It's incredible how much these numbers have grown over the years! Pictures from the events show people as far as you can see - an ocean of people standing up for life.

Have you been to the WFL or MFL before? Are you planning to go this year?

Last year was my first time going to the Walk for Life, and it's a hard experience to describe. I was truly one in a sea of people (drop in the ocean, eh?). The energy was palpable as we walked for something we all believed in with our whole hearts. Have you ever experienced that before? It's at a moment like that when I know for certain that God is walking right next to us, urging us on. I am filled with hope, and moved to do more for life. I am at a loss for words when I try to describe this feeling of knowing that I am at the exact right place, at the exact right time, so I guess you'll have to experience it for yourself.

Come and join us in this battle for life. I can't say it's going to be easy, but hey, life isn't easy. Be courageous.

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear." ~Ambrose Redmoon
I'd say fighting for life is way more important than being afraid of how hard it will be. Fear is doubting your ability to succeed, but we cannot do anything but succeed with God on our side.

We've fought for life for 39 years now, and aren't about to stop. Are you in?

Monday, January 16, 2012

He Had a Dream...

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Let me start by saying that I don't know everything about MLK, and have heard rumors of disagreeable things he did. But for the moment, I am choosing to overlook those things, and focus on the epic things he did!!

If you don't already know [which I kind of doubt], Mr. King was an incredible person who fought for the right of all people to be treated equally, regardless of the color of their skin. His efforts did not go unheard. Today we do not have segregated buses and drinking fountains (that I know of), and I don't have a second thought about seeing people around me of every race. It's become a way of life (well, I've heard that racism is still prevalent in some areas of the country, but those peeps are just taking longer to jump on the bandwagon of reality and truth!).

Here's a video of his timeless "I have a dream" speech. Love it!

It seems such a foreign concept nowadays to be against someone just because of the color of their skin, but I am reminded that people are still targeted for reasons that are just as preposterous. For example:

  • Babies are killed - why? Because of their age and location, and sometimes gender. 
  • Elderly people are euthanized - why? Because they are a burden to have around. 
[And in case you didn't guess, I think both those are ridiculous reasons to be against people, along with skin color.]

I love how Mr. King was an outspoken advocate for all people, and I leave you a striking quote to stew in for a while: 
"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

Where do you stand in times of challenge and controversy? Are you sitting in your seat with a bag of popcorn, or are you in the crowd fighting for what you believe in? 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Silent No More

If you or someone you know has been affected by abortion, please watch this video. Share it with your friends, and help spread the message that healing IS possible after abortion. Silent No More helps women and men heal from their abortion experiences, and has proven essential in many people's journey to forgiveness.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Prayer in Preparation

The anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision to legalize abortion is coming up on January 22nd. In spiritual preparation, Priests for Life has invited YOU to participate in a 9 day novena starting tomorrow, January 14th, ending on January 22. Here is the webpage where you can let them know you're participating, and can order prayer cards with the prayer on it. Below is the prayer. Let us join together and fight harder everyday for the right to life of ALL people. 

Prayer of Reparation

God and Father of Life,
You have created every human person,
And have opened the way for each to have eternal life. 

We live in the shadow of death.
Tens of millions of your children have been killed
because of the Roe vs. Wade decision legalizing abortion. 

Father, have mercy on us.
Heal our land
And accept our offering of prayer and penance.
In your love for us,
Turn back the scourge of abortion.

May each of us exult in hearts full of hope
And hands full of mercy
And work together to build a culture of life. 

We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Be a Party Crasher

In the event that truth is not on your side, it becomes necessary to use false non-arguments that miserably fail at backing up your opinion, in an attempt to justify what you know deep down is wrong. I don't know of anything that illustrates this better than the abortion debate.
10 Week-old Baby

Those who believe abortion is okay used to claim that "It's not really a baby", but that just doesn't fly anymore folks. Modern science is incredible, and has proven that life does indeed begin at the moment of conception. Don't believe me? Check out National Geographic's "The Biology of Prenatal Development". It includes real footage of unborn babies, and was not made by pro-lifers, making it totally unbiased scientific proof that life begins at conception.

Now that people can't deny that unborn babies are human, pro-abortion people have come up with a new point, and I quote a pro-abortion person: "The fetus has a right to life, it just doesn't have a right to use my body for survival without my permission."

Um, because babies are supposed to ask permission before being conceived, right? I mean, who are these babies to decide they can just barge right in to MY body, and use MY body for survival without MY permission?!?!?

If you agree with those last questions, first, I will somewhat question your sanity, and second, I've got a NEWSFLASH for you: Babies don't ask to be conceived. Babies don't target you to make your life harder, and babies do not ask your permission before residing in your uterus. [Last I checked, they never have, but maybe I was just the weird one who didn't ask my mother, who knows?].

More important than the fact that babies do not ask permission before being conceived is this: They don't need permission, because they were invited. I think we can all agree that babies do not spontaneously generate in random women. They are created. By the very act of creating a baby, you invite the baby to grow inside you for 9 months. Just like if you invite me to a party, you should not be surprised if I come, and stay for the duration of the party.

So, please, next time you discuss why a mother has bodily autonomy over her unborn child, consider the fact that babies don't create themselves. They're invited into your womb when they are created, so enjoy the celebration, and don't crash the party by kicking your guests out!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

God's Will

Oh, so true! I don't think I have to say anything else, because these words speak for themselves. 

Though it might be the hardest thing you've ever done, I can assure you that trusting God and following His will is the best decision you will ever make. He wants what is best for us, and all we have to do is follow Him like little children: complete trust that He knows what is right. 

Now I'm going to give you a challenge: For the next day, trust God's will in your life. When the pot boils over, the computer malfunctions, or the line too long, try to find God in every situation in the next day. Thank God for everything He sends your way, the good and bad, and trust His divine wisdom. 

Can you take the challenge?
Hint: You're answer should be yes ;-) 

Let me know how it goes, and please share your stories about how trusting in God's will has changed your day!