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As part of my mission to inform and inspire you, check out these awesome sites. If you're looking for something specific, look at my brief descriptions beneath each one. 

Live Action 
A youth-led new media movement for life - undercover investigations of the abortion industry, up-to-date blog posts on an array of pro-life topics

40 Days for Life
Campaigns twice during the year with prayer, fasting, and community outreach

Abby Johnson 
Former Planned Parenthood worker, and a true pro-life inspiration

 Jill Stanek
Outstanding pro-life blogger

Pro Life Blogs
Stay up-to-date in all things life-related! This is a great resource to look at for all blogs connected to the pro-life movement.

Timmerie's Blog
Awesome Catholic and pro-life blog by Timmerie

Catholic Sistas
Well-kept blog with up-to-date info and wonderful stories!

Catholic Icing
The icing on your Catholic cake - cool crafts, blogs on anything Catholic

Here's the Blood 
Can you face the truth? Real footage of abortions. Do you dare look?

Instant Escriva
Get a new quote from Josemaria Escriva every time you hit 'refresh'

Life News
Latest news on life issues

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  1. Thanks for linking to Instant Escriva and helping spread the word about our site. Pax Christi.